Our Facilities

School Facilities

Preston Academy of English has 8 classrooms complete with whiteboards and computer with audio and visual facilities.

Student Learning Centre

Preston Academy of English has a Student Learning Centre. The room is used for classes and testing for initial assessments as well as progress tests. Facilities include the following:

  • Networked computers with high-speed Internet access.
  • A wide range of ESL software covering all skill areas
  • Headphones for learning pronunciation

Benefits of the SLC include:

  • Improve your reading comprehension with CD ROMs and online resources
  • Expand your vocabulary with websites and course CD ROMs and online resources
  • Discover additional grammar points using a grammar program for your level
  • Enhance your writing by using online writing guides
  • Practise listening and pronunciation
  • Record and play back your voice
  • Try online ESL exercises, quizzes, dictionaries and encyclopaedias
  • Explore ESL websites (under guidance from your teacher)

Student Lounge

Includes sofas, chairs, hot and cold drinks machine, Xbox and snacks machine. The student lounge opens out to the street where students have a wide variety of places to eat.