Academic English Listening and Presentation

Our academic English  listening and presentation skills course is specifically designed to support students in further education from  foundation, postgrad  and up to PhD level.

The aim of the course is to support students in improving their academic listening and presentation skills by focusing on the necessary study skills which will empower students to gain the maximum from their studies at university. Various materials are used to help students in improving themselves such as course books, audio material, news reports, role play and in class presentation practice.

Students will practise listening for gist and listening  for detail to improve their confidence in their attendance at lectures, meeting with tutors and project work with peers.

Practicalities of presentations including equipment, order of a presentation, specific sign posting, pronunciation, intonation, stress and projection of voice are covered by the tutor to to help students to deliver competent presentations. By practising in the classroom with fellow peers, confidence is gained and skills are maximised. Presentations willl be observed and feedback provided to enable students to improve.

Our experienced tutors will aim to meet individual needs and increase confidence in improving your reading and writing skills for university and beyond.

What is included in your course fees ?

  • Course Completion Certificate – you must achieve minimum 80% attendance



  Price per week

Enrolment Fee FREE
Hours per week 5 BOOK NOW
How many hours a day? 2.5
Timetable? Wednesday and Thursday 18.00- 20.40
Start date Any Wednesday
Age requirement 16+
Minimum Booking Minimum 2 weeks
Levels B1- CEFR (Intermediate)
B2 CEFR (Upper Intermediate)
C1 CEFR (Advanced)
Maximum class size 10
Average class size 5-10


I liked the teachers, the books, everything!


People and the teacher are lovely and very friendly and I improved a lot

Abdul Aziz