Frequently asked questions.

  1. Where is Preston and Preston Academy of English? Click here.
  2. Can you provide a visa support letter? Yes, when you have paid the initial deposit of full course fees, we will send you a visa support letter and instructions.
  3. What is the minimum age to start on a course? 18 years old
  4. What is the process to start one of your courses? Complete the online application form here.
  5. When can I start a course? Courses can be started on every Monday. If Monday is a national holiday, Tuesday is the start day. For national holidays, please click on this link.
  6. What will I learn on a general English course? Students will work on all four main language skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking along with grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary.
  7. How many hours do I need for one level? Students usually need 120 hours per level if they attend 21 hours a week.
  8. Can I book a course for two weeks? Yes.
  9. How many levels do you teach? Beginner to upper intermediate
  10. Who will be my teacher? Our teachers are qualified up to British Council criteria.
  11. Can I pay every week? Once you have paid the deposit, you can pay weekly or monthly.
  12. Are exam fees included in the course fees? No, exam fees are separate to the course fees. PAE will help you to book the exam as a free service.
  13. How can I make the payment? Online using a credit or debit card, bank transfer or cash at the Academy.
  14. What kind of accommodation can you provide? Self-catering student accommodation. For more information, please click here.
  15. Can I book accommodation without a course? We do not provide an accommodation  booking service without a course.
  16. Do you have extra activities in the Academy? Yes, please see our social activities examples here.
  17. If I need more information who can I talk to? You can contact us by using the contact us form here. By Whatsapp By phone.
  18. Do you have courses at the weekend? Not at the moment.