What is the minimum age of enrolment?

Minimum age of enrolment is 18 years at the start date of the course.


How long do I need to study for?


That depends entirely on your aims. Do discuss your objectives and learning needs with the Academic Manager or Principal, so PAE can help you select the best course and timetable.

Remember, all courses will boost your vocabulary, fluency and confidence. Your reading, writing, listening and speaking skills will all improve.


Will I stay in the same level throughout my stay at PAE?


That depends on the length of your stay, and the progress you make. Students who make good progress will, in consultation with their teacher and subject to satisfactory performance in assessment tests, be moved to a higher level.


Is it possible to extend the hours of study  after starting?


It is possible to extend a course . Contact the Enrolment Officer as soon as you have made a decision, so that they can inform you about fees and availability.


If I cancel the course or leave early, will I get a refund?


PAEs Terms and Conditions of booking can be found on our website. Full details of how any course cancellations and curtailments will be dealt with are there.

Please contact the Enrolment Officer if you wish to discuss your particular circumstances.




Will I receive a certificate at the end of the course?


You will receive a certificate of attendance for each level. For this certificate, you must attend 80% of the course.  CEFR (Common European Framework of Languages) levels will be shown on the certificate. You will be graded in accordance with progress test results.


For more information, please contact us through the link below: