Trinity A2 / B1 Test Preparation


A2 / B1 Test/ GESE Grade 5 / Settlement/ ILR /Naturalisation (Citizenship)

Our Trinity A2 and B1 Test preparation course is for students who already have a good use of the English language and need to take the A2 or B1 test as part of a visa application for a spouse visa settlement or citizenship.

Our qualified and experienced teachers will show you the testing method and the way you will be tested. Topics will be discussed and practised. An exam situation will be practised and support will be given by the teacher. Any weak points will be looked at and correction will be provided.

The language  you need to use in the exam will be discussed. This will include talking about the future, your opinion, talking about events in the future and recent past, giving reasons, time of the  of events and the reasons.

Types of grammar you need to use in the exam will be discussed. Such as present perfect tense including use of with, for, since, ever, never, just. Connecting sentences using because; will for the future for future plans. Adjectives and adverbs of amount and your choices.


PLEASE NOTE: ONLY CERTIFICATES FROM APPROVED SELT PROVIDERS WILL BE ACCEPTED BY UKVI FOR APPLICATIONS FOR INDEFINITE LEAVE TO REMAIN. For your nearest Home Office approved test centre, please follow this link The nearest one to Preston is in Manchester.

Dates of Trinity A2/B1 Test Preparation Class 2019:

B1 Trinity Prep – 01/03/2019 – Friday
A2 Trinity Prep – 15/03/2019 – Friday
B1 Trinity Prep – 29/03/2019 – Friday
A2 Trinity Prep – 12/04/2019 – Friday
B1 Trinity Prep – 26/04/2019 – Friday
A2 Trinity Prep – 10/05/2019 – Friday
B1 Trinity Prep – 24/05/2019 – Friday
A2 Trinity Prep – 07/06/2019 – Friday
B1 Trinity Prep – 21/06/2019 – Friday
A2 Trinity Prep – 05/07/2019 – Friday
B1 Trinity Prep – 19/07/2019 – Friday
A2 Trinity Prep – 02/08/2019 – Friday
B1 Trinity Prep – 16/08/2019 – Friday
A2 Trinity Prep – 30/08/2019 – Friday
B1 Trinity Prep – 13/09/2019 – Friday
A2 Trinity Prep – 27/09/2019 – Friday
B1 Trinity Prep – 11/10/2019 – Friday
A2 Trinity Prep – 25/10/2019 – Friday
B1 Trinity Prep – 08/11/2019 – Friday
A2 Trinity Prep – 22/11/2019 – Friday
B1 Trinity Prep – 06/12/2019 – Friday

Price £50 BOOK NOW
Hours 2
Timetable 13:00 – 15:00 (Friday)
Age requirement 18+
Maximum class size 5
Average class size 1-3