1. “ I think that this course was fantastic for me. I liked the break times because I met a lot of people. I liked the course material and methods of the teacher. My teacher was polite and intelligent.”

    Agniese, Italy
  2. “ I liked the individual attention to my needs. The classes were really nice and not boring like other schools.”

    Remi, Spain
  3. “ I am really satisfied. Not only for the content and what I learned but also for the people at the Academy. All the staff were really friendly, polite, very careful to our needs and in one word,,,,,,,, LOVELY!”

    Marta, Italy
  4. “ I loved everything at Preston Academy. The teacher was excellent. He made me strong and now I can use English everywhere. I have been so happy in Preston Academy.”

    Santi, Spain
  5. I had a good time staying with my host family. The family respected me and taught me a lot of English. Preston Academy is very good. They help me to learn and use English. We have nice trips and I saw lots of England and Scotland.

    Al Khalil, Qatar
  6. “I am very comfortable with my host family and I like the food. I have had good trips and a good time at the Academy. I learned good English and I can speak very well.

    Muhammed , Saudi Arabia
  7. “Dear Preston Academy, thanks for this month in the Academy. You help me a lot and good friends to me”

    Pepe, Spain
  8. “I am staying with a host family, they are really good. They look after me like I am from their family. Also the food is very good. My house is also very clean and I am happy. About the Academy, they have very good staff and a help me to use English. My teachers are friendly. The reception makes everything easy for me. Thank you.”

    Yahya , Saudi Arabia
  9. “I am very happy to have gone to Preston Academy. The people are friendly and I met a lot of people from other countries. I really like my school and I learned a lot of English here. I recommend this school for all the people who want to learn English. Thank you for everything. “

    Mustafa Yucel, Turkey