General English Ladies Only

Our  Ladies Only General English course is a course for female students who wish to be comfortable in a ladies only class. Fully qualified and experienced female teachers help students to improve their skills in a culturally sensitive manner.

This course focuses on the four main skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking integrated with grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary.

Students staying for four weeks or longer will be given tutorials and progress tests to chart their progress and ensure they are happy inside as well as outside the classroom.

What is included in your course fees?

  • Classroom Materials and course book
  • Free social programme activities
  • Free University entrance advice
  • Free student support services
  • Oxford placement test and interview
  • Free social programme activities
  • Welcome Pack and Welcome meeting
  • Certificate of Attendance – you must achieve minimum 80% attendance

General English can also be combined with a part time IELTS preparation or Part Time FCE Preparation to gain more benefit of your time at Preston Academy of English. Please note the Part Time IELTS preparation and Part Time FCE Preparation courses are not ladies only classes.


Number of weeks 1 to 4 Weeks 5 to 10 Weeks 11 to 19 Weeks 20+ Weeks
Price per Week £290 £290 £290 £290
Enrolment Fee £50
Timetable(20 hours per week) Monday to Thursday 9.00- 13.30
Friday 9.00 – 12.40
Timetable(25 hours per week) Monday and Tuesday 9.00- 16.40, Wednesday and Thursday 9.00 – 13.30
Friday 9.00 – 12.40
Start date Any Monday (When a Monday is a bank holiday, Tuesday is the start date)
Age requirement 18+
Minimum Booking Minimum 2 weeks
Levels Pre A1 (Absolute Beginner)
A1 CEFR (Beginner)
A2 CEFR (Elementary)
B1 CEFR (Pre-Intermediate)
B1-B2 CEFR (Intermediate)
B2 CEFR (Upper Intermediate)
C1 CEFR (Advanced)
Maximum class size 10
Average class size 5-10

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